"Attention all beauty supply store owners"

Are you struggling with sales or could your sales be better in your beauty supply store?
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What if you could change your business around in one year? 

What if you got your hands on a beauty supply blueprint that would give you a road map to success. 

What if you had access to a team of seasoned coaches to guide you on the way? 

Well here is the answer to your prayers because we offer that and more 

“Scaling 101 Beauty Store Bootcamp” 
How to fast track your success for store owners

The number one reason why black owned beauty supply store fail is due to lack of proper retail foundation. Most store that open have under inventoried, lack the proper systems and processes and have no retail structure. These store wind up closing within the first 5 years of business, some dont even make it the first year!
What you need is a board of directors, a team of coaches who have been in the industry for a long time to show you what a proper foundation looks like, which systems and processes you need in order to grow and scale your store. 

Who want to see you win!

Scaling 101 Beauty Supply Store Bootcamp

We have been working with beauty supply store owners one on one for the  past couple of years and what I found is that there is a method that could be replicated to work to grow any beauty supply store.
The basis of this method is what I call the FICO methodology. 
It’s a powerful methodology that I created that eventually allowed me to double my sales after years of trial and error. It’s a powerful method that I seen help other store owners double their sales in just months. It’s the same method I want to teach you over my new 120 day program called Scaling 101 Beauty Supply Bootcamp
Since I know this works for any store wherever you are I want to get as  many people in this program that want to see a change in their store without paying our one on one consulting price. 
We’ve set a limit to take in 5 beauty supply stores max. 

In the 4 months we are together, here’s what it’s going to look like:

  • Intensive Store Assessment where our Coach will come to your city and spend an entire weekend with you and your staff. During this time we will perform a complete SWOT analysis on your store. We are going to peel back the layers of your store, giving you an in-depth look at what your store, marketing, sales and growth strategy looks like. (Value $3000- includes flight +hotel)
  • ​45 min Intensive Strategy Kick-off Call to plan your strategy over the 120 Days, this is going to be an intensive phone call where we really ensure that we know your store and then give you a step-by-step framework to be able to execute in the following 90 days. Virtually, we're going to GIVE you the plan that you’re going to be executing with me and the others inside the Scaling 101 bootcamp program. (Value $500)
  • ​Monthly courses in my FICO methodology to teach you how to grow every aspect of your beauty supply store. (This is typically a 4 week bootcamp course sold at $2997)
  • ​Weekly group “Deep Dive” Calls over the 120 Days. We'll be answering all of your questions, along with specific hot-seats, allowing you to go a step beyond a typical “Q&A” call and ensure that you have clarity and direction. ** Calls will happen in various times for those in Europe, Asia and Australia ** (Value $2000)
  • ​You will also have access to: Retail Success Tool Kit + Retail Library (Value $1000)
  • ​Inventory Management Guide & Inventory Controls System (Value $500)
  • ​Beauty Supply Growth Matrix (Value $500)
  • ​BONUS: Exclusive Vendor List and brand partners rolodex
  • ​BONUS: Private Facebook Community allowing you to intimately connect with others who are implementing the FICO method, learning from their process and being able to have a safe place to get advice. 
  • BONUS: ​You also get Weekly Accountability, where we will email you weekly challenges and assignments ensuring you’re getting the progress you want and growing as a group of entrepreneurs who are putting our businesses-first, allowing us to have the life we want.
Waits there's more... You'll also get complimentary tickets to our LIVE beauty supply conference 2023 in Atlanta
(which will be an exclusive Beauty Supply intensive weekend retreat)...

The total retail value is over $10k but for our Special Offer it is only  $7500, which is beyond reasonable for the total value. 

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Meet Your Coach

Founder Janice

Janice Federicks-Spell is the founder of the Beauty Supply Bootcamps programs and consulting firm. Coined the Beauty Supply Midwife, Janice has helped hundreds of black women break into the beauty supply industry and open stores. Janice has been in the beauty supply industry for over a decade.
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